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Present Moment Assignment: PLAY!

Our Divine Download for December 9, 2020 is Dolphin/Playfulness from the Power Animal Oracle Cards with the message "Take time to PLAY." Hey you! When was the last time that you played? When was the last time that you had fun? When was the last time that you experienced joy???!!! Guess what?! It's WAY past time for you to start doing and experiencing ALL of the beautiful, magical, soul feeding things on a regular basis. But, do you know what it means to you to play at this stage in your life? Do you know how having fun currently looks to you? If not, then your very first step is figure that out ASAP! We are not conditioned as a society to be in joy, to have fun, or to play. Not as adults, and really, anymore, than window of pure innocent play that we allow for our children and label as acceptable seems to shrink more and more each day. We become completely disconnected from what it feels like and what it looks like to be in joy and to allow ourselves to enjoy anything really. Sometimes our society also likes to take it to another level by shaming us for some of the things that bring us joy. Good grief. Connect with yourself. Connect with your inner child. Figure out what it means to you to have fun at this stage in your life and as long as it is legal and isn't hurting anyone, do it! Just do it. Allow yourself to do it. Allow yourself to have fun. Take the time to do so. Make the time to do so. Stop putting your fun and your play and your enjoyment on the back burning (and then subsequently wondering why you're maybe not feeling all shiny and happy...) Joy is our birth rite. We're literally alive right now on this planet at this time in order to experience joy. And man oh man have we mucked up and convoluted that particular mission statement! We think too much and don't feel enough and in doing so have disconnected from our feelings. Play is one of the easiest way to plug back into ourselves. Play brings us back to the present moment and is present moment focused where we inevitably will find our joy. Whether it's structured play, like through a game or with others, or at a set day and time, or spontaneous (gasp!) play, we are being reminded to prioritize play and allow ourselves the joy and peace of lightening up and enjoying the present moment.

It can be really hard for us to reconnect with our innate sense of joy and how we like or want to play or have fun when we may have lost or forgotten it for some time, but our Angels are here to help us with that in a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book a Session Today!


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