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Promoting Peace & Harmony

Our Divine Download for June 23, 2020 is Peace & Harmony/Archangel Raguel from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. A wave of harmony is washing over your life right now restoring your peace. Your Angels, especially Archangel Raguel, are here to resolve any conflicts that have been disturbing your inner peace. They ask that you surrender any concerns that you have about any conflicts or disagreements, and allow them to lovingly guide you and everyone else involved to peace. If you have been actively participating in a conflict, your Angels ask you to back away from it, to stand down, to allow them to restore the peace. They acknowledge that hardship that these conflicts have caused and they see all of your concerns surrounding these difficulties, but they ask you to surrender the situation to them, and trust them, so that they may begin to shift and change the dynamics. Nothing else you've tried has worked to this point, so what do you have to lose in trusting in them and handing the problem over to them? They buoy your faith and ask you to take heart because they are here now and are encouraging you to bring the situation to a fair and peaceful conclusion. Archangel Raguel is the Angel of Harmony and will work closely with those who call on him to bring an end to conflicts and challenges. He is one of the Angels of Justice and works closely with Archangel Michael and Archangel Zadkiel to resolve situations fairly and for everyone's highest good. You can also call on him for help to create harmonious bonds in your relationships. Don't struggle any longer without peace and harmony in any area of your life. It's time to call in the big guns, and trust that they will get the job done and resolve things peacefully, finally.

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