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Prosperous Shifts

Our Divine Download for May 6, 2021 is Malachite/Prosperity from the Crystal Angels Oracle Cards with the message "There's a positive shift in your flow of Divine support." It seems embracing a bit more ease when it comes to our finances and Divine support is working for us because we're experiencing a positive shift there. Do not worry that this prosperity may have skipped you or missed you if you are not yet seeing the tangible results in this positive shift in your prosperity. Sometimes these shifts happen subtly behind the scenes and it can take time for it to manifest into our tangible reality even though the shift has already technically been experienced. Time and space are funny like that. The other trap that we sometimes fall into when it comes to the concepts of abundance and prosperity is that we think because it's not exactly the way that we want it to be (right now) that we did not experience a shift or a change. Reality check: when you find a penny on the street you are technically more prosperous than you were the moment before you found it. But we reject that penny rather than rejoicing over it because "it's just a penny." But who are we to judge the prosperity that the Universe chooses to give us?! That "just a penny" can lead to a serious of chain reactions that can shift things for us in a major profound way. But we doubt and we reject before we give anything a chance to come to fruition and in doing so we subsequently block and deny. Which is not exactly our intention when it comes to working with prosperity and abundance. So be open to these shifts, whatever form they take, however small they seem. Pave the way for these shifts by noticing the areas in your life where you are already feeling prosperous and abundance and shine some gratitude towards these areas. This mindful awareness of what already exists is sure to bring more of what you already have and then some. And what could possibly be better than that?!

Blocks to prosperity and abundance can be very real and quite rooted within our physical bodies. A 60 Minute Integrative Reiki Session can help to remove any blocks which may exist for you here while providing you with spiritual action steps which will help you walk mindfully down your path towards prosperity and abundance. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session!


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