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Purify The Intention Of Your Manifestations

Our Divine Download for June 5, 2023 is Pure Intention from the Oracle of the Fairies. When we wish, when we manifest, we need to be mindful of doing so from a connected intuitive heart space, not a cerebral head space, and we need to be mindful of free will choice of others. Even if something is our biggest and greatest wish, it is likely to at best be delayed if it goes against someone else's free will choice, or is not for the greatest and highest good of all. When setting intentions and making wishes, check in with yourself and double check your frame of mind. Ask yourself why you are wishing for something. Is it really, truly what you want? If it seems like it's more about the other person, their behavior, getting something from them, it likely isn't actually your greatest wish. It's likely that there is an underlying need of yours that isn't being met by the circumstances in your life, or even due to your own behavior, so it is possible that you need to clarify your wishes and your intentions in order to have the best possible manifestation results. Others don't need to lose in order for you to win. Others don't need to shrink in order for you to grow. The best wishes and the purest intentions are set focused on everyone's growth and success. Purity of intention is an essential part of the manifestation process.

Our Angels will help us to clarify our intentions in order to help us with our manfestation process during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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