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Purity of Heart

Our Divine Download for May 11, 2020 is Purity "Always trust in the purity of your heart. Look inside your heart and within it you will find the answer to your question" from the Oracle of the Fairies. Social media and modern technology have been literal lifesavers and godsends to us during the shelter in place orders caused by the pandemic. However, we must be mindful of what we are inviting into our homes, consciousness, and energy fields when we are interacting with and

relying on these things so much and so often. We can disconnect from ourselves, our true selves, our inner selves when we are receiving so much external stimuli so frequently. This is putting us on notice that it is time for a bit of a detox from everything and everyone else outside of us, from all of the other unexpected input. We know ourselves better than anyone else can ever hope to. We know what feels right to us. We know what feels good to us. That is the place, the centered pure place, from which we much weigh our options and evaluate our decisions. Most of the time our hearts already know what we will eventually decide. Sometimes we torture ourselves needlessly by trying to talk ourselves out of what feels true to us. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. It doesn't matter if everyone else is doing, thinking, or feeling something completely differently. You only need to be aware of and connected to your own inner guidance system, your own unique truths. That place at your very core where you recognize yourself as a pure, loved, and loving child of the Divine, that is where your own inner GPS plugs in. That is your place of purity. Your place of inner knowing and inner wisdom. That is the place that you must check in with from time to time to make sure that nothing and no one else has seeped into this sacred space. Trust in the purity of your inner sanctuary. Trust in your purity. Trust in yourself.


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