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Releasing is the First Step

Our Divine Download for Thursday April 30, 2020 is First Step/Hydrangea and Release All Anger/Snapdragon from the Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. Okay, deep breath. First steps are not the most popular of card pulls or reading topics because people don't want to focus on first steps, they want to focus on those last couple of steps right before they culminate their achievement. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work like that. And anger? Oh boy. That's an even less popular topic because so many of us were raised in environments where it wasn't safe or allowed to express anger so we didn't necessarily develop the necessary skills to express it in an appropriate way as adults. The good news is that it's never too late to learn new skills! And now's a great time to start because we're literally being told that expressing our anger in a healthy, appropriate way is a necessary first step in anything that we want to manifest right now. And yes, you do have anger. You there, shaking your head no? Yes, even you. Especially you. We ALL have anger right now. Because we're all in a situation that really just plain sucks. And it's not necessarily anyone's fault. And it doesn't feel adequate to simply blame the virus. We're angry because we've lost things that were important to us. We're angry because of how our leaders are handling things. We're angry because people are dying. We're angry because we feel helpless. We're angry because this situation certainly hasn't brought the best sides out of people we thought we knew and expected more from. We're angry because we're masking our fear. But make no mistake about it, we're still angry. And we have a right to be. We need to feel that anger. We need to get angry. We need to express that anger in a constructive matter. We need to let the anger flow through us, lest in consume us. Take the first steps today to touch in with your anger. Tap into what you are angry about, specifically, Once you know the what, you can make a better plan to exercise those demons so to speak. Exercise can be a great way to combat anger when you are exercising with the intent to express anger. Ripping paper (especially the recycling!) can be a satisfying demonstrative way to process anger. Same for ripping old fabric. Throwing things (preferably things that are meant to be thrown) in areas that are safe for doing so is another way. If you have the option to do so safely, breaking old dishes by throwing them or slamming them on the ground can also feel great. I'm a big fan of screaming into a pillow in my car if all else fails. Find your own way to best express your anger, because it is uniquely yours and you know you best. But do something. It's the first step in moving forward and on to all of the better stuff that comes next.

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Ahhh.... This is so cool, thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate how you explain and share yourself as well. :)

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