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Retreat & Recharge By Going Within

Our Divine Download for June 4, 2021 is The Hermit from The Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards. We are being clearly guided right now to go within and to connect with ourselves in stillness, quiet, and solitude. Meditation, and an active, regular meditation practice are our easiest and best ways to do just that. Meditation really gets a bad rap, and people assume that you must sit lotus style like the Sadhu on our card today, in perfect silence, and in perfect stillness, in order to meditate correctly or effectively. And that's just nonsense! Meditation is defined as "the act or practice of meditating." And that in and of itself is very telling because it highlights that meditation needs and takes PRACTICE! Just like with all things that we practice, our practice will grow and will evolve over time. There are many different ways to meditate and silent, mindful meditation is just one of the many, and it does not work for everyone. There are also guided meditations, manta based meditation practices, transcendental meditation, moving meditations, and mindfulness itself does not require silence or stillness. There are many, many different styles and meditation practices. The key is to try them on for size, to pick one that works for you, and to PRACTICE. Many, if not most of the answers to our life's problems, lie within our heart space. But we need to clear the space within for those answers to rise up and meet us in a way and a place where we can consciously connect with them and understand them, and we must eliminate the static that usually occupies our mind space (much of which we create by thinking things to death, and then thinking about them some more). The Sri Yantra behind our Sadhu symbolizes the union of divine masculine and feminine energies, bringing us into better balance within ourselves, and also connecting us with the support of Mother/Father/God. Challenge yourself to start or level up your meditation practice today, and see what rises up to meet you from your heart space.

Meditation can be tricky when we feel unconnected to or unsupported by the Universe. Our Angels will help us to connect, and support us in developing our meditation practice. Connect with your Angels for their support during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Here: Book Your Session!


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