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See Yourself In The Glory of Your Truth

Our Divine Download for October 26, 2021 is Self-Worth from the Chakra Wisdom oracle Guidebook. Just like the perseverance card we received a few short days ago, Self-Worth is also a second chakra, sacral chakra card which corresponds to the orange color. This card asks us to take a seat in the cushy, comfortable, enveloping chair of deep emotional peace which is born our of self-love. We are being reminded to rely on our inner knowing, because we know inside *exactly* who we are. Others may not see us as we see ourselves, and they may not see us even remotely accurately for when they see us they look through the filters of their own experiences and issues, rather than with the true sight of their inner knowing. To see, to truly see, and to truly be seen for exactly who you are is such a rare gift and such a powerfully beautiful experience. This card encourages our joie de vivre, which is our birth right and our natural state of expression and experience. We are being asked to rid ourselves, once and for all and with a bold finality of the need to prove our value to others, because that is not where our true value lies. People, events, and material objects are being drawn to us know, and we are being guided to aim higher to allow for even greater experiences in our lives. Challenge yourself to allow your energy to grow with the knowledge that receiving is an action. How do you relate to the word deserving? Does it bring anything up for you? Where do you feel the resonance of this word in your physical body? Are you ready to allow yourself to receive what others may not? Are you ready and willing to move forward in a more beautiful and abundant way than you have ever known?

So often self-worth challenges and their associated mis-perceptions come through our past experiences and how we were treated by our family of origin. Sometimes these experiences create negative energetic cords of attachment which keep us from fully experiencing the truth of our own self worth. Remove those negative cords with an Energetic Cord Cutting and open yourself up to a world of possibility. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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