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Send Love, Get Love

Our Divine Download for November 21, 2023 is Send Love from the Indigo Angels Oracle Cards. Love is the greatest gift that we have to give. It is an unfortunate dynamic within the human condition that when others seem to need love the most, they behave in ways that make them feel the most unlovable. When we stay present moment focused we are better able to see people for the spiritual truth of who they are at their core, rather than as the perpetrators of specific undesirable actions. It is much easier to send love and be loving to people when we are able to look at them as spiritual beings who are momentarily reactionary within their human experience. So send love. Each and every single day. Send love out into the world. Send your love out into the world. Challenge yourself to be the most loving version of yourself that you can be. Because do you know what happens when you focus on sending out love each and every day and being the most loving version of yourself that you can be? You also receive more love. Law of Attraction 101. What you focus on, you will receive more of. So when we focus on love and being loving by sending love, we will in turn receive more love and the world will therefore be a more loving place. When we focus on people behaving like huge assholes and giving them what they gave us, we get more people behaving like huge assholes. Which sounds better to you? Which resonates more closely with a world that you choose to live in. We don't always have control over all of the circumstances in our lives, but we always have control over how we choose to react to those circumstances and the people that brought them to us. When we react in a loving way and send love out into the world, we receive more loving experiences in return. The Beatles said it best when they sang "All You Need Is Love." Absofriggenlutely!

Our Angels know that it can be a challenge for us to send love in certain situations and circumstances, especially when we may not be able to see or understand the true nature of those situations and circumstances. They will lovingly help us see and understand, and guide us to be able to send love more often in more situations during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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