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Share Your Lighthearted Energy

Our Divine Download for February 17, 2022 is Flirt from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Extend your lighthearted energy to others." There is a lovely light dichotomy within this message. First, we are being guided not to take everything so darned seriously, but rather to lighten up and even (gasp!) have some fun! Where can you benefit from infusing lighter, brighter, easier energy into your life? Are you able to give yourself permission to lighten up? How can you be more lighthearted in general? If this is something that you struggle with, it is a wonderful idea to ask your Angels to help you with this! (Note: they are not able to help you until and unless you ask them because the law of free will choice is steadfast and unbreakable). Our Flirt card is also a directive to us that we do not need to instantly commit to anything or everything that we simply want to try. What can we dabble in? What can we allow ourselves to flirt with? What have we been wanting to try on for size? Why do we believe that we have to be so serious about all of the things all of the time? When we flirt with something, when we merely try it, that doesn't mean that we have to fully commit to it for the rest of our lives or that we are stuck with it if we do not like it or if it doesn't work out for us. Somewhere along the lines we have lost the lighthearted energy that used to come with a willingness and an ability to simply try things! We're meant to try. We're meant to experiment. We're meant to flirt. We're meant to be lighthearted and joyful. We're meant to share that energy with others. So go forth and turn up the flirt in your life in all of the best and most appropriate ways!

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