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Shield Yourself In Courage

Our Divine Download for August 22, 2022 is Hanael/Courage from The Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards. Hanael, who's name is also spelled Haniel, is considered the sacred warrior of the Archangels. Archangel Hanael says that if you have recently felt your courage dwindling, that you need to call on Hanael for support. Hanael will shield you with humility and allow you to feel dully protected as you face any situation. Ask yourself "Which part of me feels twarted or what thoughts suggest that I cannot move bravely through this current experience?" Sometimes great strength and power come from understanding the motivation or origin behind our feelings. Trust the courage of the wise Hanael and see yourself covered in their shield, enfolded in angelic presence, and surrounded by Hanael's beautiful and powerful ruby ray. Hanael asks you to please not doubt your truth and to find strength in your convictions, so that you may allow them to guide you to be a spiritual warrior. Chant "Om Namah Shivaya" three times and the universe will illuminate your way forward to allow you to move in courage, safety, and light. A daily affirmation to draw Hanael's force is "May I be strong. May I be courageous. May I be steadfast. May I live in peace." And so it is.

The energies of worry, doubt, fear, and hesitation can become stuck in your chakra system causing them to act as blocks or barriers for your courage. A Flower Therapy Chakra Reading will provide you simple Spiritual Action Steps to balance and clear the energies in each of your chakras. Schedule Your Flower Therapy Chakra Reading Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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