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Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Our Divine Download for January 26, 2022 is The Hermit from Guardian Angel Messages Tarot. The Hermit is another of our Major Arcana cards, so he is meant to get our attention and we are asked to heed his guidance with more reverence than perhaps we would pay to a minor arcana card. The Hermit is really all about light at the end of the day. It is about us connecting with our own light and being introspective to shine our own light on all of the dark parts of ourselves which need to be illuminated, looked at, and transformed. It is about us being our truest, most authentic selves and being willing and able to shine our light in order to guide and lead others. It is also about us being willing to find those to shine their light for us in our hours of darkness and need. There is great balance in being both student and teacher. Are you shining the appropriate light on both versions of yourself? There is a "seek and ye shall find" energy that accompanies this particular card. If you are on a quest for peace and enlightenment, seek from within. Meditation and spending time in nature will help you connect more meaningfully with your own inner spaces and offer you valuable insight. Ask your guardian angels for someone who can provide you with wisdom and loving guidance and you will discover a wonderful mentor or teacher. It may be time for YOU to step out into the open as a teacher who possesses many spiritual gifts. Never underestimate the brightness of the light that you have to offer others! The Hermit's Angel Message for us is "We love helping you, but we also know the power of having a human guide. Let us help establish the perfect spiritual mentoring relationship for you."

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