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Shine On You Crazy Diamond

Our Divine Download for March 31, 2022 is Shine Your Light/Archangel Uriel from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. You have a light inside you which shines just as brightly, if not brighter than the hottest, brightest stars in the sky. Your light shines through your special gifts and talents. Your Angels are putting you on notice that you have been hiding yourself, your light, and your gifts from the world for way too long and in doing so you have stepped away from your own power. It is time for you to step back into your own power by refusing to play small any longer and refusing to shine your light by sharing your gifts with the world. Because you are such a divinely inspired bright light, you share your light and your positive energy simply by living your most heart-centered and authentic life. When you shine your light and share your gifts, this places you firmly and securely on your spiritual pathway where your mission is to help as many people as you can. When you feel called to serve another it is always angelically inspired. Where have you been playing small in your life? Where could you shine a bit brighter? Are you hearing the angelic calls to service? Are you heeding them? What does it meant to you to shine your light as brightly as you possibly can? What does it look like for you to share your special gifts and talents with the world? How do you feel about the idea of shining a bit brighter and a bit bolder than you have been? Are you ready?!

If the idea of shining brightly or sharing your special gifts or talents with the world feels daunting to you, call upon your Angels for their support and guidance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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