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Silently Connect With Universal Wisdom

Our Divine Download for February 21, 2022 is Hidden Knowledge/Akashic Records, Silent Understanding from The Priestess of Light Oracle Cards. When you sit in silence, a deeper understanding will reveal itself. It is recommended for you right now to prioritize sitting in silence, and increasing your meditation practice in order to help you see. You will see what people are hiding from you, from others, even from themselves. You will also be able to hear and comprehend their secrets, as well as your own, and those held by the universe herself. When you can still yourself and silence your monkey mind, you may even find that people share with you their hidden truths and their troubles and challenges. Perhaps this can even be a new career direction for you to consider if you find that you resonate with and respect the silence and the stillness in this connected space. The lynx is associated with revelation, mysticism, and wisdom from the unseen world. He appears to us know to remind us that we too have unlimited access to the Akashic Records, our universal source of information. Spend time in silent reflection. This is the path towards true and deeper knowing. Relax and receive the information that is hidden from others. Trust your intuition and your intuitive understanding. The power of the lynx brings clarity and profound connections to the secret energy all around you. Affirm "I am blessed with intuitive wisdom. I receive helpful insight from the Akashic Records whenever I may need it."

It can be helpful as we seek silence and connection to clear the space within our physical bodies within which to allow our intuitive information to land. Reiki can help us do just that! Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session Today: Book your Session HERE!


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