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Sing The Song Of Mother Earth

Our Divine Download for August 14, 2023 is Earth Song from the Universal Wisdom Oracle Cards. We are being asked to think about our relationship with the Earth and the little things we can do in our every day lives to help both ourselves and the Earth through her current changes. Mother Earth is in need of healing. She asks that you pay attention to her needs and spare her a loving thought. In this time of great change, we often forget that it is Mother Earth that feeds, houses, and nourishes us. She provides the air we breathe, fuels our cars, supplies the electricity we use, and takes our refuse. The Earth Song card has shown up for us today to remind us of our deep connection to the Earth. The Earth breathes and feels, just like we do. At times she sings for joy and at times she cries. She is a reflection of humanity. Read that again: She is a reflection of humanity... She is one with you. The Earth is a conscious entity. Your love will help her regain her balance. In turn, know that the Earth also loves you. Feel and accept her love, for it will nourish your soul. Invoke this great healing power and your life will take on new meaning. The Earth Song sometimes goes like this "A forgotten memory lies buried within my ocean of scattered feelings, windblown pages and ancient days spread like autumn leaves on a grassy field." Sing with Mother Earth. Sing to her. Spread your love through your song.

Mother Earth provides us so many wonderful tools for healing including crystals. Experience "getting stoned" with the beautiful and magical interaction with these wonderful resources during a Crystal Healing Session. Schedule Your Crystal Healing Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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