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Soften Through Sweetness

Our Divine Download for November 19, 2020 is A Spoonful of Sugar/Marshmallow from The Illustrated Herbiary Oracle Cards. Marshmallow calls on you to embrace the true beautiful sweetness of life. There is nothing in this world, no experience that you'll have, that cannot be softened and remediated at least a little with a proverbial spoonful of sugar. The key is that you must sometimes find and provide that sugar for yourself and Marshmallow will help you do just that. Marshmallow softens and soothes. Will you allow her to soften and soothe that which needs softened and soothed for you in your life? Picture her growing in the wetlands softening hard soil and loosening what's been stuck. She can and will do this for you when you feel raw and scraped by the ongoing overwhelm of life, she brings her sweetness to help soften and soothe you too. "What can Marshmallow help you soften? What rough edges are rubbing at your spirit?" Marshmallow thrives in the kitchen and is never one to shy away from the layered process of even the most complicated recipes because she knows that the best flavors are often released and unveiled through these processes. She asks that you take the same patient approach to situations within your own life, realizing that the layers of experience will add up to the sum of the whole. So be willing to indulge in the sweetness and savory nature that life is meant to have. Be willing to go through all of the steps, in order and not try to skip steps and go out of order (a sure path to kitchen and larger scale disaster!) Be willing to allow the sweetness. It's time to enjoy that spoonful of sugar figuratively and literally.

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