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Solve Your Own Mysterious Nature

Our Divine Download for October 7, 2023 is Black Moon Lilith - Mystery from the Black Moon Astrology Cards. Black Moon Lilith, or Lilith, is an astrological point in your birth chart that encourages you to discover the taboo side of your personality. Lilith specifically shows where you have hidden your true desires from the world to avoid ridicule or abandonment. Lilith is an asteroid that represents a point of change as it is found between Mars and Jupiter. Black Moon Lilith is the point of the Moon that is furthest away from the Earth. Anything that is far away from the Earth is going to create mystery. We can't see it, know it, or understand it, and the actual physical distance makes it harder for us to even feel the energy involved sometimes. We want to solve all of the mysteries. We want to understand all of the things all of the time. Lilith, especially Black Moon Lilith, tells us that mystery is okay and even good, and a natural part of our lives which can be fun. She also tells us that in order to solve any of the mysteries in our lives, we must first understand ourselves better and deep dive into our own mysterious nature in order to uncover all of the wonderful things within ourselves that may have been a mystery even to us. We empower ourselves in so many ways when we lean into these unknown parts of ourselves. Self discovery also leads to better and more powerful self acceptance. When it comes to the ideas of the "taboo" side of your personality, consider what that even means. What is taboo to one will be completely "normal" to another. We are the ones that tend to place judgments and labels around parts of ourselves (which is the very opposite of acceptance!) So discover the "mysterious" parts of yourself by shedding some proverbial light on them and in the process you'll also discover that a whole lot of other things in your life likely make more sense and are less mysterious too.

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