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Spring Into Your New Life

Our Divine Download for February 7, 2021 is New Life from Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards. This card heralds a beautiful influx of spring-like energy radiating newness and re-birth. This absolutely feels like a breath of fresh air, especially after we have long suffered the stagnant and dark energies of a seemingly endless personal winter driven by and throughout the pandemic. This is our nod, our reassurance that it is safe for us to wake-up, to open our eyes, to stretch, and to take a big, deep, cleansing breath of lighter, newer, fresher air. We may experience the birth of new ideas, we will most assuredly experience new growth, and will feel both refreshed and renewed by our experiences at this time. Whereas in the past things may have felt challenging, dark, and heavy, this is an influx of newer, lighter, fresher energy. This is life renewing itself, and we will be renewed in the process. Joy and excitement usually accompany the return of the spring season. Will you allow yourself to tap into this lovely lighter energy and experience joy and excitement of the forthcoming proverbial summer in the very depths and core of your being? You have every reason to be optimistic right now. You may find that things will magically fall into place. New opportunities and abundant energy abounds right now. What new opportunities are you seeking? What growth is your soul yearning for? What inspiration is speaking to your soul? Where do you need metaphorical breaths of fresh air in your life? Where do you need to lighten up? Allow your heart to fill with enthusiasm and know that a newness descends upon you now. This is a time of good fortune. Will you shine your heart light so that it may find it's way to you? Now is not the time to roll over and go back to sleep. This is a time to ease yourself into this beautiful newness gently, but with purpose. Embrace this energy and declare this the personal spring time of your life.

When things maybe haven't been very spring-like and we suddenly experience bold shifts in that direction, it can feel jarring and unsettling to our systems. Allow your Angels to support and guide you through your personal spring with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book your session today!


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