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Stand In The Truth Of Your Own Courage

Our Divine Download for February 1, 2023 is Aspen Spirit/Courage from The Sacred Forest Oracle. We often misunderstand the concept of courage because we mistakenly believe that we have to execute great feats of courage and be exceedingly strong and exceptionally brave in order to be considered courageous. The truth is, that in this day and age, any time we venture outside of our homes, we are executing courage (and sometimes just dealing with those within our homes). Whenever we face our fear and do it anyway, we are being courageous. Any time we do not let our ego win or talk us out of something, we are experiencing the truth of our own courage. Any time we choose our intuition over our over-the-top ego, we are utilizing our innate courage. There are literally hundreds of different ways each and every single day that we lace up our inner warrior suits and let our courage shine. But we disconnect ourselves from these moments and these feats and we talk ourselves out of them. Why? Why are we so hesitant and so downright unwilling to give ourselves credit for who we are and what we do? Why are we so afraid to stand in the truth of our own true nature and our let our courageous hearts and souls shine? Why are we so quick to give others credit for their courage, their bravery, their acts of courage, but so quick to dis-courage our own? Archangel Michael is one of the best Archangels to call on when it comes to needing to bolster our strength and our courage, and he is a pretty straight forward type of guy. Call on him now to help align yourself with the truth of your own courageous nature.

We may need to disconnect ourselves from dis-empowering experiences of the past in order to accept and align with the full truth of our courage. An Energetic Cord Cutting is a simple, gentle, yet powerful way to disconnect the negative cords from past experiences and people who have made us feel less than courageous. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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