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Stand In Your Power To Transcend Yourself

Our Divine Download for March 4, 2023 is Stand Up for Yourself/Spotted Skunk and Transcend Yourself/Andalusian Horse from The Illustrated Bestiary Oracle Cards. The Spotted Skunk doesn't back down when she needs to stand up for herself, and the alleged harm that she creates is pure illusion. While those who challenge her and continue to push her may be stinky for a stretch when the skunk stands up for herself, there is no permanent damage caused by this stink (except perhaps to the pride of those who challenge and push her). But, before things escalate to the point of stink, the spotted skunk only deploys said stink as a last resort. First she makes herself big by standing on her front legs and fanning her tail in the air, so she asks you, are you taking up enough space in your own life? Have you gone big enough within your own skin? How do you handle conflict? Do your methods achieve your goals? Enter our Andalusian Horse who carries not only your body, but is also able to transport your soul. Horses are companions and guides whose gifts are the freedom to transcend physical incarnation. Whether your body needs to move through space or your soul needs to glide through time, Hose beckons you on your journey. If and when you are not sure that you can make it there alone, call on Horse to carry you. Horse says "it's time to transcend your current way of being." And standing big within your space and your own skin and examining how you manage and handle conflict are your first steps to doing just that.

Sometimes when we don't feel comfortable taking up all the space within or around our physical body it is because negative experiences and stuck past emotions within our body have caused us to shrink down and be smaller than the spiritual truth of who we truly are. An Integrative Reiki Session will help to bring us back to the reality of our spiritual truth. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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