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Surrender The Illusion of Control

Our Divine Download for February 13, 2021 is Let Go of Control Issues from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "Allow this situation to unfold naturally." Control is an illusion. Fact. We do not have control over other people. We do not have direct control over most situations within our own lives. We can influence, but we cannot control. Usually, the harder we push to try to have control, the more we struggle in whatever situation, or with whatever people we are trying to control. It just doesn't all end up working out terribly well. And, in many cases, we end up delaying what could and likely would be positive resolution and positive outcomes. And, we usually drive ourselves pretty frickin' crazy in the interim. Not exactly good times. This card is a loud and clear message for us that good things ARE coming, positive things ARE happening. And they will happen better and faster if we can just get out (and stay out) of our own way. We're being asked to let go. We're being guided to surrender. We're not being asked to let go or surrender our dreams or our desires, and we're definitely not being let off the hook when it comes to our role in the manifestation partnership. Rather, what we're being asked to let go of is to surrender the illusion of control. To just let go. What would be the worst thing that would happen if you didn't play like you were in charge and in control of everything? What would happen if you just allowed the Universe to do it's thing? What would happen if you leaned into trust just a little harder? I promise you that the world will not stop spinning if you surrender the illusion of control. I promise you that those people you think you've got to micro manage so they don't screw up, they'll do the same things and screw up in the same ways whether or not you're invested in trying to control them. The results will really, truly be the same (or possibly even better) if you let yourself off the hook and leave these people and these situations to the Universe. So maybe cut yourself a break, give yourself some grace and some space? Allow yourself not to be responsible for all of the things and all of the people (because you never actually were anyway - that's a role that you allowed yourself to be assigned!) Surrender. It's all happening. And it's all gonna happen even if you don't get all wound up in it and by it. So go ahead and gift yourself one big ol' exhale as you surrender that illusion of control.

Sometimes patterns of control become so ingrained we don't even realize the amount of time and energy we are investing in other people and certain situations. When this patterning has gone on over long periods of time, it can be necessary to cut the negative cords of attachment we have with others or certain situations. Book your Energetic Cord Cutting Here!


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