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Take The Action, Do The Thing

Our Divine Download for February 22, 2022 is Sacred Action/Decisive Focus from The Priestess of Light Oracle Cards. It's time to bring the action energy of the cheetah into your life. The cheetah represents not only decisive action, but intense focus. Take and honest look at the projects of situations that have for some reason been put on hold, whether it be due to timing or simply being unsure which action to take. This card is guiding you to let go of any hesitation and run as fast as you can towards exactly what you want. Your soul longs for you to move forward on your path of divine right purpose. Regardless of the nature of your goal or which area of your life it may be in (personal, professional, or spiritual) you have the power to manifest whatever you desire. You have the power. Recognize your power. Connect with it. Allow it to move you forward. Pick a direction that calls to and aligns with your heart and act. Let go of any and all self-doubt or fear of making the wrong decision or moving in the wrong direction. The strength of your spirit will guide you each and every step of the way. There are no wrong directions at this point. There is no wrong action. The only mistake that can be made at this juncture is the failure to act or the failure to move fearlessly forward. This is your personal "Just Do It!" moment. And it doesn't even matter what "it" is. Affirm: "I focus on the options before me. I choose to take decisive action in the direction of my dreams."

When you have been working on a project for a while, it can be easy to feel as though you lose perspective from time to time. Sometimes a simple One Question Channeled Reading can offer your reassurance and help you regain the needed perspective to get you back on track. Order Your One Question Channeled Reading Today: Ask Your Question HERE!


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