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Tenderness and Compassion Shift Your Perspective

Our Divine Download for September 26, 2022 is Tenderness/True Love, Compassion from The Priestess of Light Oracle Cards. It's time to give yourself more tenderness and more compassion. Not tomorrow, not next week, not whenever you get around to it, but RIGHT now! What does it mean to show yourself tenderness? What does it look like for you to show yourself compassion? Is this something that is challenging for you or does it come naturally to you? The tenderness that you give to yourself will be reflected back to you in the brilliant light and love that the Universe will be sending your way. So if you are feeling as though you are lacking love, tenderness, and compassion in your life, then it is all that much more important to show yourself tenderness and compassion right now. It is often much easier for us to show tenderness and compassion to others than to ourselves. Why is that?! Be honest with yourself about your perspective on love, compassion, and tenderness. Be mindful that you are not limiting yourself or your view of your worthiness or your deserving of your future potential for love. Even if you've been hurt in the past or been alone for far too long, true love can still be on the horizon for you as long as you aren't limiting yourself. This can be true of increasing love within your existing relationships too, no matter the type or the circumstances. Stretch your neck up just like the giraffe on this card to gain new, different, and additional perspective, and be willing to show yourself some much needed tenderness and compassion to allow the universe to mirror these lovely feelings and qualities back to you.

It's easy to become stuck in the narrow perspective of our current circumstances, especially within our personal relationships. Our Angels can help us shift our perspective and see things in a new light from a more macrocosmic perspective during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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