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The Power of Imagination

Our Divine Download for October 6, 2020 is Imagine from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards with the question "What would you see, feel, think, and hear if your wish came true?" Often times we waste the God-given gift of imagine on using our imagination to imagine every single worst-case scenario that we can possibly conjure up. Whoa. There are literally better things that we can do with our time and our energy and there are few if any more powerful than using our imagination to try on and grow our dreams and desires and immerse ourselves in the positive what ifs that always exist in the infinite land of potential. Do you have space in your busy schedule to allow yourself to imagine what you want coming into fruition? Can you actually afford not to? Do you really want to skip this step in the manifestation process? Imagination can be another for of meditation and it is ripe with possibility and potential. Really up the anti on your personal imagination projects. Really breathe some life into your imaginations. Don't settle for black and white when technicolor surround sound. Dolby your imagination! Play with it. Have fun with it. Enjoy it. See just how much glorious detail you can build in. See if you can really see it. See if you can really feel it. See if you can really think it. See if you can really hear it. And whatever level you are currently seeing, feeling, thinking, and hearing, experiment with how you can turn it UP! Turn it up so far and so loud that you just about make it real. Because in doing so, that's exactly how you will make it real. You can and will literally imagine what you want into existence. And, total bonus, you get to try it on for size and enjoy it as you play with, learn, and grow your imagination process. We imagine all the time as kids, and we enjoy it. We love our imaginations as children. We savor that imagination space. But unfortunately, most of us are programmed to lose our imaginations as we become adults, or at the very least we are discouraged and deconditioned from our imaginative processes. How sad! Bring it back. Connect to the power of your imagination again. Take some time each and every day, and it does not need to be more than a few minutes, to just imagine. And enjoy all of the infinite possibilities and potential that you may access in that space.

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