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The Truth Shall Set Your Free

Our Divine Download for April 26, 2021 is Admit The Truth To Yourself, And Act Accordingly from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards. The truth isn't always pretty. The truth also isn't always easy. But seemingly we always seem to want it to be both of those things. And when our inner truths aren't necessarily pretty or easy, rather than giving ourselves the grace and space of self acceptance, we tend to rail against ourselves, essentially flogging ourselves for those inner truths that don't fit neatly in the pretty and easy boxes. And of course, this never works particularly well for us because all it does is create inner friction and turmoil that doesn't need to exist. Part of the reason why we do this and get caught up in this endless loop of self judgement and inner turmoil is because we have bought into the ideas that everything must exist neatly in mutually exclusive categories. For example, I can't be a good person and also experience so-called negative emotions. I can't be a successful person and have bad habits. I can't be a healthy person and enjoy junk food. And on and on it goes. The commonality here is the judgement and the labels that we as humans seem to have a pathological need to stick on absolutely EVERYTHING *ALL* OF THE TIME. WHY?! What if we just allow things to be as they are? What if we just allow ourselves to be as we are? What if we admit our deepest, darkest inner truths to ourselves and just let them be? What if we act out of a place of connection to that truth? Whoa. Yeah. It's not only possible, but it's incredibly freeing. Challenge yourself to really look at the labels you apply to yourself and your own emotions. Challenge yourself to push past those labels and those judgments and see if you can bring the light of acceptance to those things. Who invited your to judge yourself anyway? What does it truly accomplish? Self judgement creates friction and will absolutely hold you back. But self acceptance leads to authenticity and alignment and those are beautiful, amazing places to be.

So often the self judgement that we experience and the labels that we apply to ourselves did not originate with us but exist within us having been passed down from our family members and ancestors who came before us, for better or for worse. These energies settle into and are carried in our chakra systems. Clear out those patterns of the past with a Flower Therapy Chakra Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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