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There's Nothin' To Worry 'Bout!

Our Divine Download for September 16, 2023 is Seven of Earth from The Mystical Cat Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be the seven of pentacles, seven of coins, seven of autumn, and seven of Archangel Ariel. The suit of Earth has to do with everything that sustains and supports us on the Earth plane, and time, money, and health are often three areas of focus within the suit of Earth that get the most lip service or buzz. The suit of Earth can also correspond to our root chakra as well. The Seven of Earth is a wonderful card because it is a card that is telling us that we have literally NOTHING (I. SAID. *NOTHING.*) to worry about. We have done the work. The seeds of our manifestations are well planted, and we may simply be in a holding pattern or experiencing a slight delay in timing before our manifestations really move into the tangible realm. But in the meantime, all worry is going to do is make a proverbial mountain our of a mole hill and it can actually delay our manifestation efforts. When we look at the image of the cat on the card, we see that he is staring intently at the hole, seemingly with nervousness, or even trepidation about what may lie inside. When we do that and we focus on what we don't have or why something hasn't happened (YET) we are making the problem and the issue bigger, badder, and scarier than it needs to be, especially considering that we have just been reassured that we have nothing to worry about. So stop. Blow it away. Each and every time it comes up. As much as you have to. Until you get yourself out of the toxic habit of worry.

Worry energy is one of the hardest on your physical body and just like all energies when excessive, or over indulged, in can become stuck in your physical, mental, or emotional bodies. An Integrative Reiki Session will roto-rooter our those toxic worry energies in a gentle and relaxing way allowing the seeds that you have planted to root, grow, and thrive. Schedule Your Integrative Reiki Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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