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Think Your Way To Your Healthiest Self

Our Divine Download for February 18, 2024 is As I Heal My Mind, I Heal My Body. Our thoughts are some of the most powerful things in the universe. Our thoughts control our entire experience on this planet, everything in our lives. When our thoughts are left unchecked, as they are for most of us most of the time, we don't realize how powerful our thoughts and our minds are because sooooooooo many things happen seemingly "at random" that we wouldn't have wanted to be part of our experience, had we consciously chosen it. We DID choose it, but just not consciously. That is one of the MANY reasons that the practice of mindfulness is so very important. When we talk about healing our mind, we are really talking about healing our thoughts, especially as they pertain to our bodies. So often, especially in Western medicine, we separate our bodies from our minds when they are intrinsically linked. What's worse, we take ownership of the alleged ailments that we are diagnosed with "MY diabetes," "MY ADHD," "MY high blood pressure," etc. While it is true that it is yours because more often than not your thoughts absolutely did contribute to the Dis-ease in your physical body, when we own our ailments by labeling them as ours there is a created implication that they define who we are, when nothing could be further from the truth. So if we can think ourselves into a state of Dis-ease, we can also therefore think ourselves into a state of balance and a state of well-being by working on healing our minds. So get to work!

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways that we can practice mindfulness and take ownership of our own thoughts. If your meditation practice is something that you've struggled with, Schedule Your Meditation & Me Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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