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Time To Get Rollin'

Our Divine Download for July 2, 2021 is The Wheel from The Fairy Tarot. The Wheel is a major arcana card, and like all major arcana cards, it indicates a larger scale shift or transformation. The Wheel tells us that delays are over and that things are going to get rolling. Where we have been stuck or blocked in the past, we will (finally) be able to move forward. The Wheel is a fortuitous card because one the wheel gets rolling, we can only expect things to move forward in the best possible way. We can only roll forward, in a positive direction, so we do not have to worry about rolling backwards, or down hill. The type of forward movement and forward momentum that The Wheel indicates happens because we have done our work and are ready for things to move forward, it is forward movement and momentum that comes as an energetic graduation of sorts. When we have been desperately waiting for things to get rolling, and we have been so frustrated that they have not, The Wheel asks us what we have refused to acknowledge, or what we have refused to learn that may have kept us stuck in that space? The Wheel reminds us that what we have experienced in the past, the ways in which we have exercised our lessons, were necessary in order to propel us forward and to get us moving. But The Wheel also reassures us that we will not repeat those lessons, that we are moving forward beyond what we have experienced, or endured in the past. The Wheel is a card of good fortune, a card of luck, and the best possible reminder that things are about to get moving and start rolling in the absolute BEST possible way and in the absolute BEST possible direction. Roll with it baby!

When cards of good fortune like The Wheel show up and we have come from a challenging time of lesson learning, it can be challenging to accept that this is our new reality. Sometimes we simply need reassurance from our guides and our Angels that we really are moving forward and heading in a better directions. Our Angels love to meet us in this space of doubt and offer us reassurance during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!

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