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Transforming Through Action

Our Divine Download for January 18, 2021 is 8 of Fire from The Good Tarot. In other tarot interpretations this would be the 8 of wands, spring, and Archangel Gabriel. The element of fire is all about movement and in the same way, the 8 of fire is a card of movement and a card of action. This is the type of movement and action that feels good to you and you may even be excited about. If you have experienced a pause in the action, or delays to your plans in the past, now is the time when you start gaining and gathering positive momentum. The 8 of fire also encompasses the idea of many things going on at once, which can lead to a bit of a dynamic where you need to shift and even transform in order to be able to juggle all these things which are now burning brightly. This is a card of having your plate be full, but in the best possible way (think Thanksgiving dinner!). There is also a dynamic where your cup may runneth over as you are passionate and excited about all of these new opportunities and encouragement. This is an exciting and energizing card which speaks to an exciting and energizing time! There is of course the need to balance all of this newfound activity and busy-ness and not neglect your self care or the best past practices which have gotten you to this transformative point. Things are looking up. Things are brightening up. Things are certainly picking up. And the only place to go following the 8 of fire is onward and upward!

After periods in our lives which may have been challenging and included lots of disappointment, and not much positive activity, it can be a jarring shift to our systems when things start to look up and we finally move forward. No one tells you how uncomfortable this transformation can be! If you are struggling with that, and waiting for the other shoe to drop, it can be very helpful to get some guidance about what is coming up for you with an Annual Predictive Multi-deck reading. Book yours today!


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