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Treat Yourself to Pampering & Relaxation

Our Divine Download for March 29, 2021 is Bethany from the Messages from Your Angels Oracle Cards with the message "When you take excellent care of yourself, everyone benefits. Give yourself a relaxing treat today, such as a massage, sea salt bath, pr pedicure." It's time for a little "me time" and it's time to spoil yourself a little in that process. We don't always prioritize me time, and we can even be made to feel guilty about it because of the messages that pervade society. The truth is that we don't just need it, it is absolutely essential for our well being. When we deny ourselves this valuable time and these necessary pampering experiences we are telling the Universe that we are not worthy of receiving either time or care. To prioritize ourselves is not selfish, but self-less because when we prioritize ourselves and our physical, mental, and emotional well-being, we are then able to be the best possible version of ourselves and we are able to do everything we need to do with more efficiency and efficacy. Giving ourselves a relaxing treat also helps us learn about ourselves in a uniquely intimate way. What feels relaxing to one person, may feel anything but relaxing to another. How does it feel best to you to relax? (Hint: if you cannot answer this question you are in desperate need of figuring that out!) What is your favorite relaxing treat? What is your favorite way to relax? When is the last time that you took the time to allow yourself to experience your favorites in this way? When you prioritize spending this relaxing time with yourself, you rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. When you prioritize spending this relaxing time with yourself, it also allows you to glean certain personal information like how you do and do not enjoy being touched, what types of pampering is and is not comfortable to you, and where you stand in your ability to treat yourself. Pick any one thing that feels like a pampering treat today and commit to doing that for yourself. It will benefit every single area of your life and lift your spirit and allow your spirit to soar. Any time you take, or money that you spend in treating and pampering yourself will come back to you 10,000 fold.

Relaxing can be easier said than done for trauma survivors or those who have chronic anxiety because the adrenals are so over taxed our our brain stem just won't let us down shift into relaxation mode. An I

ntegrative Reiki Session can support both the adrenals and the brain stem to better balance them and remove any potential blocks and finally allow you to begin to relax. Book your session Here!

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