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Our Divine Download for February 16, 2021 is Trust from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards with the message "This situation is calling for you to have faith." Trust is a word, and a concept, that has been coming up frequently in 2021. 2020 left us all a little gun shy in the trust department, and understandably so. But, everything really does happen for a reason, and all things truly are in divine perfect order and divine perfect time. Scout's honor! Everything is exactly as it needs to be. Can you exhale and breathe into that? Release your worries to the Angels. Adding fear to your situation through distrust, mistrust, and worry energy only creates unnecessary drama and negativity and delays inevitable manifestations. Believe it or not, your present situation, all being as it currently is, as it is meant to be, is bringing you blessings and personal growth. You are heading in the right direction (You ARE!) You ARE on the right path! Trust that. Trust and faith uplift your energy which only makes that necessary personal growth occur at a more rapid pace and those blessings flow more smoothly. Your faith, your trust, attracts more positive people into your life, including your romantic partner. So focus on what you want. TRUST that if you have put that order into the Universe that it IS absolutely coming to you. TRUST that the timing is divinely guided. TRUST that there is more out there for you. TRUST that everything you wish for can and will be yours, or something even better. TRUST that all of your beautiful magical dreams can come true. TRUST that all of your beautiful magical dreams ARE coming true! They say that with faith all things are possible, and this has never been more true for us than it is right now. Ultimately, the choice is yours. But, doesn't it just feel better all around to invest in leaning into faith over fear? TRUST.

When we're feeling battered and bruised by the recent or on-going circumstances of our lives, trust can be not just a hot commodity, but it can feel damn near impossible. Sometimes it really can be restored as simply as by asking your Angels ALL of the questions, and expressing ALL of the doubts which are currently plaguing your brain, and leaning into the reassurance of their honest, loving answers during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book yours today Here!


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