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Trust Trumps Control

Our Divine Download for January 30, 2021 is Amazonite encouraging us to "Loosen Your Grip" from the Daily Crystal Inspiration Oracle Deck. Guess what? You don't have to do it all! You couldn't even if you wanted to. #facts. There are some things, many things, most things, in our lives that are simply out of our control. How does the thought of relinquishing some control make you feel? How does your physical body react to the word "control?" In which area or areas of your life are you able to release some control? Are you able to delegate to others? Will you allow yourself to trust the beauty which often comes from the unexpected? It's so easy, especially when we have so very many things to juggle, to become stuck in our ways and feel like our way is the only way. It is easy to want to dictate to or interfere with the greater universal plan (and how is that working out for us?!) Allow yourself to release the idea of how things should be. When you an do this, you open up so much space in your heart, your mind, and your life for how things could be! Everything will fall into place when we allow life to unfold in an organic way. It always does! Actually, when we are able to set down our personal agendas and our need to try and proliferate the illusion of control, life usually unfolds even better than we ever could have imagined. The world truly will not fall apart without your micromanaging every detail of it. YOUR world will not fall apart. Will you honor those around you by trusting them and yourself enough to delegate a task, with minimal instructions, and allowing them the grace and space to complete it as they see fit? When you do not delegate, when you do not ask for help, when you make demands of the universe instead of flowing within the framework of the manifestation partnership, you are not only stating that you do not trust the universe, but that you do not trust others, and mostly that you do not trust yourself. The Universe will always provide. Will you allow yourself to receive? Amazonite offers the affirmation "I let go of control." And so it is.

Control is almost never about other people, but is usually about ourselves, even when we arrived at the need for control on the backs of situations that conditioned us through the actions of other people. If this is a challenge in your life, connect with your Angels and your guides in a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading and allow them to support you to bust through the icky sticky patterns of control. Book your session Here!


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