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Trust Your Intuition To Discover Your Life's Purpose

Our Divine Download for October 22, 2023 is Artha of Kali from the Kali Oracle. Kali's message for us is that "Her heart contains the seeds of your soul, and complete awareness of the divine destiny she has always intended for you. There is a sacred purpose for which you were born, and a meaningful, divinely protected pathway for you to fulfil it. Only you can decide to put your faith and commitment into that path, and to take one step at a time in honoring what has value to your heart, tuning into her loving plan. In taking those steps, the pathway will reveal itself, and you shall attract great blessings that will benefit all beings." When your heart is ready, the question will rise to the surface of your consciousness "for what purpose was I born?" and you will be compelled to take action in that direction. The Sacred Feminine within the heart knows how to grow and evolve organically and instinctively. There is a Sacred Masculine energy with the heart too, which years to manifest meaningful truth, to protect that which is worth ad to dedicate our efforts toward a clear purpose. It provides for our loved ones and creates a safe place within where the feminine values of love and connection can thrive. As that masculine energy grows and evolves within the soul, it expresses a desire to accomplish these aims for a broader community and a higher purpose. Artha is the search for meaning, for a higher purpose, for the methods of creative expression and spiritual exploration that give our lives clear direction and emotional fulfillment. Our society tends to be intellectually driven where we prefer to know the destination first and then become somewhat willing to trust we are making progress, provided we feel in control of where we are going. But the truth of the manifestation of your life's purpose is somewhat different. The first step is often painful when we must give up the stranglehold on the how, when, where, who, and what! Only then can we drop into an instinctive and more intuitive way which is guided from the feminine wisdom within. Then we can begin making true spiritual progress toward manifestation and fulfillment on every level. There may be some healing work necessary for the inner masculine to trust the inner feminine, especially when the rational mind wants to try to tell us that we have no idea what, if anything is happening. (But that is usually when it is ALL happening!) And so it is!

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