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Try For Your Happiest Rediscovery

Our Divine Download for July 22, 2022 is Lily of the Valley/Happiness Rediscovered from the Flowers Love Oracle Cards. Lily of the Valley is known as the "bell of happiness." Lily of the Valley encourages us to love without hesitation on our path to rediscovering happiness because it is the hesitation, the judgement, the resistance that leads to so much unhappiness in our lives. Lily of the Valley will restore harmony to your life and heralds the potential return of people or situations which previously brought happiness. It speaks of forgiveness, compromise, and reconsidered positions, the potential return to family after past problems have been resolved. Lily of the Valley encourages you to put pride aside and open your heart because an important love story that you thought was over might be making a come back (and this does not have to refer exclusively to romantic love as there are so very many types of love in our world!) Lily of the Valley encourages you to try again even when circumstances or dynamics have been hard, harsh, or challenging in the past. In order for you to be able to rediscover happiness, you must first accept that you are deserving and worthy of happiness. You also must connect within your heart space to that which makes you happy. In order to rediscover happiness, we must be willing to try: we must be willing to try on different experiences to see what does make us happy, we must be willing to try again in situations where maybe we thought we never would, and we must be willing to allow ourselves to try within those situations and dynamics we maybe said we never would. There is nothing to be lost by trying. But there are worlds of happiness to be discovered and rediscovered through our willingness to try. You know the old adage: If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Don't give up on your own happiness.

Sometimes we need to cut the negative cords of attachment to past relationships and situations in order to rediscover our happiness either within them or without them. Schedule Your Energetic Cord Cutting Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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