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Tune Into Self To Tune Out Static

Our Divine Download for April 7, 2021 is Peer Pressure/Primula/Primrose from The Flower Therapy Oracle Cards. When Primrose shows up for us it can often be a sign that we are receiving, and tuning into, too much outside stimuli and neglecting our inner selves. We need to disconnect from ALL outside sources of information for a while and find some quiet time when we can just sit and be within ourselves. So many people hurl so many different opinions at us in so very many ways, day in and day out. It can be easy to lose our connection with ourselves and our Divine Guidance in that raging of sea of incessant information. This can create some pretty serious confusion for us because it's hard to know what to think or where we stand with so much swirling around us. The crazy thing is that none (NONE!) of that information or those opinions ultimately matter or really make a difference for us. So why do we invest so much time not only in listening, but in seeking them out? Sometimes, it seems as though we even prioritize seeking out the opinions of others which are in opposition to our own just to reject those opposing opinions! What are we doing?! Why are we doing that?! In order to effectively plug back into ourselves and into the divine source of our guidance, we must disconnect from others. Not wanting to hear their opinions about our lives or our choices does not mean that we do not love them or that we do not care about them. It is in no way a rejection of them or their importance in our lives. How will you cultivate some silence today? How will you prioritize connection with self every day? What steps will you take in order to elicit less feedback or input from others? What steps will you take in order to support and grow your connection to inner and divine guidance? What boundaries are you prepared to draw with anyone in your life who makes you feel pressured in any way to do anything? Be you first and foremost. Connect with yourself. When you're operating from a place of self connection, it becomes much easier to block out the static noise of others.

When you find it challenging to connect with yourself and your source of Divine Guidance, a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading will help you do exactly that and provide you spiritual action steps which will remove any blocks to all connection. Book yours today: Book Your Session!

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Luv it!!! I was actually doing that just today, lol. Realized this morning I needed to JUS BE 🤗🌷

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