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Unconditional Love of Self

Our Divine Download for June 24, 2020 is Unconditional Love/The Divine Mother from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. Have you ever noticed that we live in a society that is fraught with conditions? Dripping with judgments? Is really all about categorizing people so that they fit into neat little boxes? It's a lot. It's heavy. It's old-school energy, and that's what we've been fighting to change with the great pause and subsequent events. It starts with us. We are being reminded to tap into our source, our Divine, who has always loved us as we are, unconditionally. When we can connect with that energy, that unconditional love, it becomes much easier to love and accept ourselves just as we are right here, right now, without our self imposed conditions. If we choose not to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, how can we expect others to love and accept us in that same way? And if we don't expect and allow that from others, well, we've all see far too recently just how quickly that escalates. When we feel unloved, even when it's self imposed, it is difficult to share our love with others, and sometimes just impossible. We're living in a scary world and in scary times, and as such, we very much need the energy and the loving, nurturing energy from the Divine Mother. We need to be practicing extreme self care (like it's a sport!) and loving and nurturing ourselves in more profound ways than we ever have before. We are all deserving and worthy of the love of the Divine. It can sometimes feel much easier for us to give love than to receive it. But just know, that now is the time for us to receive love and nurturing. When we give without balanced receiving, the love that we give becomes conditional due to the lack of balance. Work with your Angels, and call on the Divine Mother for nurturance and encouragement in being open to receiving. Receive her unconditional love and model the love that you show yourself after her beautiful gift of unconditional love.

Self Love and Divine Connection aren't concepts that come easy for most of us because we are usually not raised in an environment (and certainly not a society) that promotes these concepts. A Healing Helpers Reading will offer specific messages about how you can heal and move forward in both areas with the support of Archangels Michael, Raphael, and many other Archangels. Connect with their loving support HERE!


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