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Up Level Your "I'm Sorries"

Our Divine Download for September 25, 2021 is I'm Sorry "Defenselessness. Righting past wrongs. Uprooting." from The Starseed Oracle. "I'm sorry" can be two of the most powerful words in the entire English language when spoken sincerely. They can also be two of the most useless and annoying words when not spoken correctly or from a heartfelt, heart centered place. Most people are never taught to apologize appropriately. Most people are never taught the value in a true heart centered apology. In order for an apology to be effective it needs to contain a clear "I'm sorry" type statement, it needs to express regret, it needs to offer acknowledgement and even empathy for the impact on the other person, and it needs to foreshadow corrective action (in other words how will you do better next time?) Some of you reading this may never have experienced this type of apology. Some of your reading this may have never offered this type of apology. But, now you know. The nature of apologies and even the words "I'm sorry" are to reconcile and bring people back together. They are a statement aimed at unification. We are meant to be be together. We are meant to go through life together. We are surely not meant for misunderstandings and misguided actions to separate us and keep us apart. If you are frustrated at apologies that you have not received that you feel that you are owed, consider taking inventory of where in your life you may owe an apology yourself and we billing to make that apology and some amends from a heartfelt, heart-centered place. We are rooted in togetherness and it is not through withholding that we will get back to our roots.

Sometimes despite our best efforts and the best efforts of others, apologies aren't enough to compensate for the massive hurt that we may have experienced. Sometimes those hurts are enough to cause us trauma, and we may need additional help to release ourselves from that trauma. An Energetic Cord Cutting will release you from the traumas of the past while strengthening the positive connections within your life. Book Your Energetic Cord Cutting HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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