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Uplift Your Vibe With Music

Our Divine Download for March 25, 2022 is Connect with Music from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards. This is a sure sign that we need to do a lil something to level up our vibration. Music is one of the quickest and easiest ways to raise our vibration. It doesn't matter what type of music, just as long as it makes you feel lighter, happier, and free. Not only will music uplift you and raise your vibration, but it can also be a powerful tool to allow you to relax and enjoy life. As you are listening to music and experiencing the shift in your energy, your Angels also encourage you to sing and dance to move that uplifted energy through your throat and sacral chakras. Listening to music, really allowing yourself to experience music is important to your spiritual growth right now. As you experience music and the accompanying energetic shifts, your heart will open up and it will draw your Angels closer to you. Your Angels want to dance and sing with you - they want to experience your joie de vive, so make that happen! Spirit often uses music to communicate messages to us through the lyrics and song titles and simply the act of raising our vibration allows us to be more receptive to, and more accurately here messages from spirit. Thank your Angels for inspiring you through music and follow that inspiration wherever it goes! Be groovy baby!

If you feel like you are missing the mark when it comes to communicating with your Angels through music, it may be time to check in with them a little more directly with a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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