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Vision Quest For Clarity

Our Divine Download for November 10, 2020 is Desert/Vision Quest from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards. There's something you're not seeing. You're not seeing clearly, your vision is off, or compromised. This is likely due to too many outside distractions which are diverting your focus and dividing your attention causing you to miss or misinterpret what you are truly seeing. So it's time to even the playing field by removing outside diversions and distractions. Most of us do not have the luxury to go on a traditional vision quest where we wander a barren landscape in prayer and meditation for several days. But there are elements that we can adopt and use form the traditional vision quest in order to steady and improve our focus. Silence the noise of the outer world for a period of hours or a even a few days. Disconnect from social media completely, Put a do not disturb on your phone so that only truly important emergent calls can come through. Turn off your tv. Cultivate a personal culture of outer silence to allow it to reflect your desired inner stillness. Increase your prayer and mediation practices. Even if you are unable as most of us are to pray and meditate for days on end, you can still increase the number of times that you do pray and meditate in a given day, just as you can improve the quality of your prayer and meditation experience. Focus on making in immersive and heart centered rather than the drive by style most of us choose on a regular basis just to get it done and check that off of our list. Better still: challenge yourself to spend as much time in nature as you possibly can for the next few days. Move your prayer and mediation to your yard, a park, anywhere outside where you have the opportunity to interact with and be supported by nature. A vision quest is not usual directive or typical guidance. This is a powerful spiritual quest we are being guided to undertake. This is the next directive, the next necessary step to bring in greater clarity and move us further forward on our spiritual path.

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