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Welcome The Light

Our Divine Download for June 6, 2022 is Mistletoe from The Druid Plant Oracle. Mistletoe embodies the energies of healing, fertility, inspiration, lack of guidance, and distilling wisdom. Drawing this card indicates that a period of difficulty is over, as a new cycle dawns. New beginnings of projects and phases in your life need to be nurtured and received gently just like newborn babies as the symbolism of mistletoe related to the Winter Solstice and welcomes the rebirth of the sun after the longest, darkest night of the year. We may be waking up from and coming out of one of the darkest nights of our own soul and in our entire lives. But, we needed to learn to walk in the dark. We may have felt disconnected from the universe as we sought guidance and advice, but it felt elusive and we may have felt unsupported or even faithless. But these were necessary lessons for us because we needed to recognize our own power and to stand on our own to feet in order to be secure in our sense of selves so that we could then experience the support of our divine connection which was present all along as we now emerge into our brand new cycle of light and love. When forced to draw on our inner qualities and instincts, and even face and resolve our shadow selves, though it can be lonely and painful, it also forces us to draw on our inner qualities and instincts which connects us to our deeper inner purpose, so in this way our alleged lack of guidance becomes a meaningful and significant part of our soul journey. If you have been experiencing any of the aforementioned, or a feeling of sterility or lack of inspiration, remember that the sun is only reborn following the time of the longest, darkest night and that out of difficulties we can distil our true inner wisdom.

When we have come from a period of darkness and disconnect, it can be challenging to recognize the connection that has been present for us all along. Connect with your Angels and feel their love and support during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your 60 Minute Angel Card Reading Session Today: Book Your Session HERE!


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