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Welcome The New (This time it's different!)

Our Divine Download for January 10, 2022 is Welcome The New from the Butterfly Oracle Cards. Every year I see a pattern emerge in December, which carries over into January: towards the end of the year, people start saying that they just cannot wait until the current year is over so that they can be done with it and start the new year. They make tons of resolutions (a word I do not care for) and start January guns a'blazin' thinking that things will magically be better and different. And every year, about 10-14 days into the new year, I watch people drop their resolutions and return to the same habits, patterns, and thinking which carried them through the previous year. So it's about that time. But, our guidance today is to welcome the new. Our guidance is to tune into the fact that things very much ARE different and have the potential to continue to be different in the absolute BEST possible way. Not next year. Not next month. But RIGHT now. Right. Now. We simply need to be willing to welcome in this new, different, easier, more successful energy. That seems like an easy thing, but it isn't always. Because new means change. And overall, human beings can be more than somewhat resistant to change, even when that change is positive. It's simply our nature. The other part of it is that very often (always...) in order to welcome in the new, we must say goodbye to the old. Which also isn't always super comfortable or super easy. The old, even when it hasn't been working for us and we surely didn't love it, is still what we've known and what has been comfortable for us (even in an uncomfortable way). The new on the other hand is not only different, but usually it is unknown, and unknown can be downright scary. Thankfully, we're ready on an energetic level and we're supported by our guides and our Angels, and the whole of our spiritual support team. Ask them for whatever help you may need in welcoming in the new. Because it's here. It's different. It's wonderful. And it has the potential to launch us towards the future of our most cherished dreams.

Our Angels understand all of our quirks and synchronicities as humans and are ready, willing, and able to connect with us and support us in whatever ways we may need. Connect with your Angels for this support during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session HERE: Book Your Session TODAY!


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