Welcome Your New

Our Divine Download for Friday May 1, 2020 is Welcome the New from the Butterfly Oracle Cards. It's a brand spankin' new month. You were gifted a brand new day today. There is new life all around us in nature. It's there, it's happening, and we have the choice to embrace it and welcome it. We also have the choice to cultivate our own newness and to grow it in whatever direction we choose. Sure, things may feel not-so-new, and kind of stagnant with this whole global pandemic, but even that, it in it's own way, is ushering in the newness. The transformation. And God willing, the enlightenment. Sometimes newness takes a while to notice. It takes a while to accept. It takes a while to understand. And it definitely takes a while to be welcomed. People don't like change and newness, as fresh and refreshing though it may be is always change. Welcome is defined as greeting or warmly receiving. I find it is helpful to actually greet newness in order to help warmly receive it. I say hello to buds on trees and flowers that come up which might sound a little kooky (but you already knew that!), but it helps lay the mental and emotional foundation for the flexibility and acceptance that is necessary to welcome in change. Embrace each new day, each new week, each new month, each blessed tangible sign of a new beginning as an opportunity. These are all opportunities to do over anything that you want and to pivot and change course in any way necessary to move you most fully, most expediently towards joy. Sure, sometimes we have to look a little harder for these opportunities as sometimes newness isn't so evident at first, But it's worth the search. And it's empowering to be able to welcome, to embrace, these opportunities. Take this new day at the very start of this new month, and ask yourself where you would like to welcome newness into your life. And there it is, yours for the welcoming!