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You Are Protected As You Heal

Our Divine Download for April 24, 2022 is Birch from the Earthcraft Oracle. Birch trees are old, sacred woods that are believe to heal emotional wounds, ward off negative influences, and banish fears. Birch is also associated with new beginnings, making them the perfect energy to channel for healing old wounds and welcoming new connections. Birch may come to you when you are feeling vulnerable, afraid, and unsupported. Whatever you have experienced, know that extra support is being provided for you and that you are protected while you take this time to heal. The worst has past and is behind you. You will soon be able to pick up any broken pieces and put yourself together again, but a stronger and even more beautiful version of yourself. Birch reminds you that while it is necessary to build boundaries into your life, you must be mindful not to do so by closing your heart. When you allow traumatic events to harden your spirit or to leave you jaded or spiteful, you allow those traumatic events and the choices and actions of others to win. Do not allow your past or present circumstances to prevent you from connecting with others. Even the deepest wounds and most brutal bruises will heal in time and you will be stronger for them, but you do not need to isolate or disconnect while you heal. Give yourself space to process, heal, and let go, knowing it will be safe to open your heart again.

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