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You Are Steadfastly Supported

Our Divine Download for April 19, 2023 is Drought from the Earthcraft Oracle. So obviously, we are all parched and in need of water in some way. Whether that be water that we drink (because so few of us actually drink enough water), or water that we interact with by submerging our bodies in it, the remedy for drought is always water. In an emotional drought, where feelings of hopelessness, desperation, and victimhood abound, where it may have felt like hardship after hardship has clouded our judgement and tricked us into believing that support is not available to us or that we are on the wrong path, it can feel like the proverbial rain will never fall again and the parched earth will simply turn to dust. The more we focus on this lens, the deeper our feelings of helplessness may seep, until we are so immersed in despair that it seems that all is lost. But, this is your guarantee that support is closer than it seems. Even int he harshness of the desert, you can find water buried beneath dry riverbeds or stored inside of cacti. You may have to dig a little deeper or search in unexpected places, but don't give up hope, and don't be afraid to ask for help - especially from Mother Earth. There is still time, and there are absolutely still resources to turn your situation around.

When we have been beaten down by drought type conditions in our own life, it can be hard to see the resources or support that we have available to us. Our Angels will help guide us with that during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!

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