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You, Only Better!

Our Divine Download for June 22, 2021 is You, Only More So/Ruby from The Illustrated Crystallary. Ruby serves as an amplifier, magnifying the traits that are already within you, whether positive or negative. Ruby doesn't discriminate or judge, she just heightens what's already there. Ruby is the stone of magicians who know that everything is energy. We can change the amplitude or quality of energy by working with intention and attention. What we focus on matters because it defines not only how you see the world, but literally defines the world itself. Ruby encourages us to check in with ourselves and see if we are in need of self-care, or self-discipline, and where in our lives we may need to apply each. How are your energy levels? Do you feel vibrant, energized, or run down? Do you have unexpressed feelings taking up space inside you? How can you constructively exercise anger, jealousy, or grief? Are you tamping down your joy and peace for the comfort levels of others? See what you want to focus your attention on. See where you need to focus your attention. Sent an intention for yourself each morning. Shoot for something personal to you. Seal your intention by placing additional attention on it through the act of journaling, lighting a candle, working with flowers, Reiki, sound, or crystals. Take a moment or two to refocus your intention at each meal, or other predictable intervals throughout the day, making sure that you are doing something, taking some additional tangible action in order to pay attention to your intention. At the end of the day, notice the results. Notice what flowed easily and what was challenging, pay attention to what you notice, and set new intentions based on that information the next day. Ultimately Ruby's biggest question for us is "What would it look like to become more you?" But, especially given the Divine Downloads that we've seen in the past few days, it's also important to ask "What would it look like to become the better, or even the best version of you?" Focus there with intention and attention!

Our Angels know us better than we know ourselves and they see us through the lens of our potential. When you're unclear on where to start, or what to turn up and what to tamp down within yourself and your life, touch in with your Angels during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Book Your Session Today: Book Your Session Here!


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