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You're Right Where You're Supposed To Be

Our Divine Download for Monday April 20, 2020 is Surrender to Your Soul's Path from the Power of Surrender Cards. Here's the thing about soul paths: no two are ever alike, kind of like snow flakes. At the exact moment that you took your birth, you entered into a contract with the Universe to learn certain lessons and master certain skills in this lifetime (your astrology chart can clue you in on some of those agreements if you are unfamiliar). Even when we share similar lessons or themes, there is a uniqueness as to the way in which we must learn and master them. And that's okay! That's the way that it is supposed to be! There's been much chatter of late about lost time (but is it though?) and delays and sooooooooo very many frustrations about not being where we want to be and not doing what we want to be doing. But the truth is, we are exactly where we are meant to be right now. Truly. And though we may feel delayed and distracted and frustrated, we are learning and growing in the unique ways designed for our precious souls to achieve maximum potential. Here's the one lil caveat about soul growth that we rarely talk about: it's not always super comfortable. In fact, when we are growing the most, it is usually pretty darned uncomfortable too. But that discomfort is a great sign! It's a sign, an assurance that we are really, truly, right where we are meant to be and that we are in fact growing. When we can breathe into that discomfort and lean into it to see if we can stretch and grow a little bit more, that is the edge, the beautiful place where we can rest in surrender knowing, feeling, believing, that we are in fact achieving exactly what we have come here to do. And that's pretty darned amazing.


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