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Your Intuition & Your Heart Should Be Your Main Two Go-To's

Our Divine Download for December 20, 2023 is Two of Winter from the Fairy Tarot Cards. The Two of Winter is know as the two of air, two of swords, and two of Archangel Michael in other tarot interpretations. The suit of Winter is all about cerebral energy and as such has to do with our thinking, our over thinking, and our stinkin' thinkin' (because we never do any of that!) It is a card of conflict, of being of two minds about something, but sort of ignoring the fact that we are, and refusing to acknowledge that we are locking horns with ourselves in the decision making process. And we're getting absolutely nowhere in this process, other than causing ourselves to be frustrated and potentially driving ourselves crazy. Occasionally the Two of Winter can talk about being in conflict with other people, especially when our thoughts are seemingly so far apart on certain subjects. But in either case, our overthinking is causing us to procrastinate on making a decision, and then we're all up in our feels judging ourselves harshly for procrastination. STOP. Seriously, just stop. We are not meant to make this particular decision from a cerebral or thinking space. We are meant to make this decision as we are guided by using our intuition and our heart as our compass. When you can't think your way through something, it is often a sign that you aren't meant to do so. So feel your way through. Intuit your way through. Do what feels right and best to you in your heart. Follow the proverbial arrows that your intuition is trying to point you towards. You cannot and will not go wrong when you do. This is the way.

Our Angels will help get us out of our heads and into our hearts and our intuition during a 60 Minute Angel Card Reading. Schedule Your Session TODAY: Book Your Session HERE!


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