BACK TO BASICS: Child Add-On 20 minute Reading

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Upon purchase, I will contact you schedule your session for you and your child (or children).


As the kids head back to school, and people are heading back to work, let’s get Back to Basics! We’ll check in and connect with our spiritual support team to see which actions you CAN take right now in terms of self care and spiritual sustenance and development. As you put one foot in front of the other and brave this new normal on a centered path towards peace, let’s take guided, specific action and take control in those areas that you can.


Your spiritual practices may look very different than they used to, or even halted completely leaving us frozen in place. Back to Basics will help you prioritize specific actions and practices to get you unfrozen and allow the self care train to chug full steam ahead. There’s still over 3 months left in 2020 and it’s time to show this bitch of a year who’s boss!


A Back to Basics Reading supports starting over and moving forward as I get Back to Basics with my tools too - using multiple card decks, intuitive and psychic impressions, and channeling. This is an integrative reading format and approach. These readings can be done in person, or remotely over the phone or via zoom or Google Duo.


Child Check In: Rather than ruminate or spinning out with worry energy, do a Child Check In to see which supports the Angels recommend for your kiddos during these crazy times. Check In to see whether or not there is actually anything that needs to be addressed with your individual child. Child Check Ins are a parent's ticket to peace during pandemic times.

Back to Basics-Child Add On: 20 Minute Session


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