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Meditation & Me!  


Meditation is such a very important life affirming skill.  Yet some of us struggle hardcore with mastering the basics of meditation and even believe that we cannot meditate, or that we don’t enjoy meditation.  

Janelle will provide meditation “coaching,” meeting you where you are at to address all of your concerns, hang-ups, challenges, and even your cop-outs too in order to help you build and grow a thriving meditation practice allowing you to experience the most direct connection with the divine so that you can easily and simply tap into the guidance thereof on a daily basis.  

These 90 minute private sessions will be meditative in nature and will include various meditation type “exercises” as well as the guided meditation of your choice.


Meditation & Me Refresher Sessions are also available for additional support and guidance with your meditation practice.


This service is also available remotely over video.  

Meditation & Me

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