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Receive TWO One Question Channeled Readings to be used by the purchaser or the gift recipient (One Question Channeled Reading Packages are non-transferable).  Both One Question Channeled Readings must be redeemed within one year of date of purchase.


These readings are perfect for when you have one question, situation, or concern that is simply nagging at you, or that you cannot let go.  You will email or message me your question (how much or how little context you include is entirely up to you!) and I will go into a meditative state and send you everything that I receive from whoever or whatever I connect with at that time regarding your question.  These readings can be somewhat intense as I am frequently connecting to higher order entities, planes, and beings.  They usually offer some guidance or course correction.  These readings are not scheduled at specific times, but you will be given an estimated turnaround time when you submit your question. 

Two One Question Channeled Readings Package

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